6. April 2020 Mark

Clear-Com supports HSE24 with remote production

Studio Hamburg MCI and Clear-Com support the home shopping channel HSE24 in the current challenges that the Corona crisis is presenting us all with. In the event of a short-term relocation of individual production members to the home office, the HSE24 team can work and communicate as usual using Clear-Com’s AGENT-IC intercom app.

The biggest challenge was to move individual members of the production team to the home office, but to maintain the usual workflow. To ensure a real-time command, HSE24 relies on Clear-Com’s intercom app AGENT-IC.

Norbert Wilinski, responsible sound engineer at HSE24, commented: “Due to the current situation, we had to partially relocate our live producers to the home office. Thanks to the seamless integration of Clear-Com’s AGENT-IC app, our productions with staff in the home office could take place live as usual.”

HSE24 uses the Clear-Com Omega Matrix with the latest IP technology and the possibility of networked production as its command system. The AGENT-IC app is now integrated here via a licensed IP port.

Norbert Wilinski continues:

“Our live expert talk is used with Agent-IC for the bidirectional intercom routes from the main studio to the other field locations. Agent-IC can be used here as a full mobile intercom station and for InEar monitoring.”

Clear-Com’s AGENT-IC is a free app that converts mobile devices into a virtual call station or beltpack. AGENT-IC is compatible with the Clear-Com Eclipse HX matrix as well as the LQ series. Connection is enabled via LAN/WAN/WIFI/3G/4G/LTE.

With the help of AGENT-IC, different transmission routes can be mapped. In the field of producing and live direction bpsw. Live producer from home office or communication with director crew and live moderation. For outside broadcasting, experts from the home office, among others, can be integrated or n-1 routes as well as director and in-ear command can be set up.

Clear-Com’s AGENT-IC app is available in the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. With the appropriate license, the client is activated and can be set up via the Clear-Com configuration management EHX. We are happy to answer questions about Clear-Com products by phone at +49 40 6688 3382.