19. May 2020 Mark

XMediaDock: New platform for cross-media topics

The XMediaDock is the home port for topics such as cross-media and digital transformation, and also a creative innovation workshop for the broadcast and proAV industry. In the XMediaDock, MCI creates a space for previous strategic and technological research & development activities to concentrate fast and appropriate solutions for the rapidly changing media environment.

As part of the new XMediaDock, MCI is also establishing the XMedia.Lab, which is Germany’s only vendor-independent testing and innovation hub for testing and validating technical tools in the course of the IP transformation and the defined industry standards. The XMedia.Lab is a further development of the IP Test Lab, which has been running successfully since 2018, and this year focuses on the topic of IP-based remote production. Among other things, an N-1 switching call at a remote site is mapped over a pure SMPTE 2110 network. The change of a higher-level control system such as orchestrator, broadcast controller or monitoring is questioned. Furthermore, the remote control of local graphics systems as well as the centralized support of remote productions will be scrutinized.

Now in its third year, customers can once again gain a hands-on impression of the current state of the art in direct connection with production workflows. MCI offers partners and manufacturers the opportunity to obtain input on interoperability and thereby sharpen their view of the market. An all-round satisfied solution and, so to speak, a win-win situation for all parties involved. MCI was again able to win strong partners and manufacturers for the XMedia.Lab. For example, the XMedia.Lab relies on an SMPTE 2110-based Cisco Spine-Leaf network infrastructure. For control and orchestration, solutions from Imagine Communications, Nevion, Lawo, Ross Video and TSL were brought on board. Different workflows require appropriate transport and encoding alternatives such as those from DirectOut, Riedel, Dreamchip, DHD, NetInsight, Imagine Communications, Aja, Clear-Com, Ross Video, Cisco, and Yamaha. The manufacturers Meinberg, Plura, Tektronix and Lawo provide a harmonious PTP clock. Skyline and Cisco solutions are responsible for security and monitoring in the network. The XMedia.Lab is realized in close cooperation with the partners NDR, Logic Media, SHM and Computacenter.

Maximilian Below, Managing Director MCI: “Despite this year’s situation, we will create a forum for insights and discussions for our customers and partners. To this end, we are making use of an interactive webinar format consisting of a mixture of video conferencing with hands-on and livestreams. In doing so, we will take individual focal points into consideration and communicate further highlights shortly.”

XMediaDock is a multidisciplinary center of excellence focused on innovative broadcast and proAV solutions. Cross-media workflows, all-in-one solutions, IP infrastructures (on-premise, hybrid or cloud), streaming, AI, but also projection, interaction and communication systems are examples. But the XMediaDock also looks at changed working environments that are being rethought as a result of the digital transformation, such as new workflows, synergies, collaboration, automation or the integration of new technologies.