16. September 2020 Mark

MCI joins the SRT Alliance

MCI joined the SRT Alliance in August 2020, strengthening its expertise in high-quality streaming and AV transport solutions.

The XMediaDock platform launched by MCI is specifically concerned with the further development of innovative broadcast and ProAV solutions in times of technological change and the focus on increasingly cross-media priorities. It serves as a multidisciplinary competence center whose concentrated focus is not only on cross-media workflows but also on all-in-one solutions, IP infrastructures (on-premise, hybrid or cloud), streaming, AI, and also projection, interaction and communication systems in the context of “unified communications”. Customer requirements, changing work environments, new workflows, synergies, collaboration, automation or integration of new technologies increasingly require targeted solution concepts. The XMediaDock is MCI’s answer to these challenges and offers the necessary space to develop suitable solutions for these key topics.

The intensive examination of the streaming solution SRT offers an exciting foundation for future forms of transmission.

Tim Grevenitz, Head of Sales and Marketing MCI: “The development of SRT shows an attractive alternative to the traditional static transmission networks of broadcasters. We are seeing a rapid shift towards transmissions over public network structures. SRT offers our customers the ability to securely and reliably transmit high-performance streams with low latency over the Internet. Haivision, founder of the SRT Alliance, and MCI have been partnering for some time.”

The SRT Alliance, formed by Haivision in April 2017, is focused on pushing the boundaries of low-latency live streaming by supporting the development of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol with industry and developers. SRT is a free, open-source video transport protocol originally developed and introduced by Haivision to enable high-quality, secure, low-latency video transmission over the public Internet.

With over 400 members in the SRT Alliance and widespread industry adoption, SRT is the fastest growing open source streaming project.

MCI offered vendor-independent consulting expertise on SRT-based transmission capabilities prior to membership and developed its own SRT-enabled transmission solutions in XMediaDock. This is also how the “ABLink” was created, a location-independent, remote-capable stand-alone solution for live broadcasts that can transmit AV signals almost losslessly via LAN, WLAN as well as LTE.

Fabian Röttcher, project manager for SRT-PoC at XMediaDock: “We have already been using SRT as a transmission protocol in our customers’ and partners’ productions for several months. With another proof of concept, we are demonstrating the possibilities of vendor-independent integration into existing broadcast workflows, both in the cloud and on-premise.”

On the occasion of joining the SRT Alliance, the XMediaDock team worked with selected customers to design a proof of concept for possible application points of SRT transmission links in the daily broadcast environment.

As part of the PoC, different decoders and encoders were validated over a long distance under realistic conditions and tested for their suitability for everyday use during a switching call and a live overdub.

Jesús (Suso) Carrillo, Director SRT Alliance Haivision: “By adding SRT to its solution portfolio, Studio Hamburg MCI GmbH has the right expertise to tailor outstanding streaming solutions for a wide range of enterprises. We look forward to working closely with integrators and solution providers within the SRT ecosystem.”

MCI’s membership in the SRT Alliance underscores its efforts to develop forward-looking solutions for the broadcast and ProAV sectors and to meet the challenges of future requirements.