17. March 2021 Mark

MCI equips NDR studios with LED video walls

Norddeutscher Rundfunk modernised four of its studios in Hamburg, Schwerin and Hannover. The sets of the studios were also renewed for a modern overall impression. MCI was commissioned to equip the new studio spaces with large LED video walls.

Together with the company Lang, MCI was responsible for the complete installation, commissioning and adjustment of the LED display technology, including all components required for operation.

Proven technology was used for the video walls. Due to the architectural conditions of the different studios, as well as the requirements of the design of the different stage sets, the size and type of installation of the respective video wall had to be varied.

Rafael Paltian, Project Manager MCI: “Even though the same LED technology is used in all four studios, there were always new challenges during the project due to the different wall sizes and mechanical constructions.”

LED media walls from the manufacturer AOTO, type M1.8C, with a pixel pitch of 1.875 mm were selected for all four studio areas. The AOTO 10 bit LED controllers type ATLVC 2K for main and backup were installed in the respective central equipment room and connected to the associated studio space via a fibre optic infrastructure.

The LED media wall in the NDR 1 television studio in Hamburg measures 4.80 m x 1.44 m. The wall is suspended from truss rails and can be moved horizontally. For flexible use, the media wall was mounted suspended on crossbar rails and can be moved horizontally via these.

An LED media wall with a size of 6.72 m x 1.92 m was installed on the floor of the NDR 2 television studio in Hamburg.The television studio in the Schwerin state broadcasting centre received two LED media walls. The larger LED media wall, measuring 4.80 m x 1.44 m, was mounted on the floor. The LED media wall with a size of 2.88 m x 1.44 m was installed mobile on rollers.

Two identical LED media walls, each measuring 2.40 m x 1.44 m, were set up in the television studio of the Landesfunkhaus Hannover. Both displays were mounted in a hanging position.

MCI provided the functional LED display technology, including the Main and Backup controllers, and carried out the necessary mechanics for integration into the respective set on the NDR studio spaces according to the stage designer’s specifications. The LED display technology was handed over ready for operation and the studios are already on air in their new look. NDR takes its viewers through the small and big stories of everyday life in northern Germany in a modern look.

MCI is pleased to have supported the renovation and is looking forward to the upcoming programmes.