5. May 2021 Mark

Livestreaming is the magic word with MCI no rocket science

In search of a contemporary, flexible and cost-effective way to present new products, services and training, IDEAL Insurance chose a high-performance livestreaming solution from MCI.

The rapidly increasing demand for relevant content on the web, creates new opportunities for progressive companies to connect with customers, distributors, employees and interested parties. The increasing shift from a direct to a content-based approach on the Internet, demands new approaches and solutions. Livestreaming is the magic word here, and with the right implementation partner, it’s not rocket science.

MCI looks back on many years of experience in the field of IT-based media systems in the broadcast and ProAV sector and offers versatile, individual live streaming systems ranging from small mobile streaming solutions for occasional web presentations to cross-media live production studios with virtual sets.

Within two months, MCI Solution Architects designed, planned and implemented a green screen studio for IDEAL Insurance, including a permanently installed cove and virtual 3D set (created by Branco Majewski). Perfectly tailored to the versatile content requirements, the installations were integrated perfectly in the rooms of IDEAL Versicherung. The Studio Hamburg workshops provide support for the installations. Professional Prolight technology was used for the space-saving lighting design, tailored to the spatial conditions and designed for perfect illumination of the protagonists in front of the green screen. The streams are recorded with controllable PTZ cameras in broadcast quality if required and can be distributed cross-media via specially configured XMediaDock vMix workstations or stored for on-demand applications.

Disseminating relevant content via social media, online live Q&A’s or webinars offer here just a selection of possibilities available to IDEAL Insurance through the new Livestreaming Studio. The individually designed 3D set gives the streaming contributions a modern and at the same time serious recognition effect aligned with the corporate identity.

This not only offers a contemporary communication tool in times of social distancing, but also creates real added value within corporate communications in an increasingly digital world where stakeholders want flexible access to relevant content.