27. July 2021 Mark

New construction of the BR Service Center with media technology equipment from MCI

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) awarded the contract for the A/V and media technology equipment of the new service center being built in Freimann. As general contractor, MCI is responsible for the planning and ready-to-operate installation of the extensive new installations.

The service center, which is still being expanded, serves as the gateway to the Freimann campus and includes an event hall for around 300 people, a digital showroom for up to 60 people, a sports area, the central technical room and the foyer.

The foyer is intended to present various and further information on different BR topics. These are intended for BR guests as well as business partners, interview guests and many more. and more. In the future, Digital Stelen can be used to guide visitors or provide them with relevant information. Additional BR information is presented on three 55″ displays located at the reception desk, and two additional displays at the entrance to the main hall are used as digital program previews.

The Digital Showroom serves as a reception room for groups of visitors and for presenting Bayerischer Rundfunk to guests. With the help of an interactive display wall consisting of 3×3 46″ displays including infrared touch frames, lectures, video presentations and multimedia presentations are to be held in this room.

The sports area, consisting of one large and two small sports rooms, is used for simple indoor sports such as gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, karate or table tennis.

All media content is distributed via the IP-based Crestron NVX multicast streaming system and controlled via Crestron touch panels and keypads. When completed, there will be approximately 80 NVX endpoints distributed throughout the building to route among each other.

The event hall is to be used for internal meetings, information events, staff meetings and committee meetings through to individual public events such as concerts, film screenings and congresses. For this diverse purpose, the technology is planned according to requirements. Two mobile and four permanently installed PTZ cameras from Panasonic are planned, which will be operated from the control room with Skaarhoj RCPs or Panasonic AW-RP(1)50 systems and will enable recordings and live streaming of events, lectures and congresses and make this content cross-media distributable. Eleven rolling display carts provide flexible deployment options thanks to integration with the Crestron NVX system.

All signals converge in the central equipment room in a Ross Graphite vision mixer and can be controlled from the control room via a control panel. In the hall itself, one sound, one image and one lighting workstation will be realized.

A special feature in the event hall is the requirement of a changeable sound direction. Loudspeakers from d&b Audiotechnik, including subwoofers, were installed throughout the hall and connected via a Yamaha CL5 mixing console in the hall and a Yamaha QL5 in the control room. A Yamaha digital DSP system enables self-driving operation, and an additional Pro mode allows signals to be routed and processed individually to the mixers. Thus, the entire hall can become the stage of attention. A comprehensive conference system from Sennheiser including 40 microphone units based on a Dante and AES67 network rounds off the flexible audio equipment.

Another feature that spans the entire service center, but stands out in its functionality in the event space, is the connection of the A/V technology with the multimedia control of Crestron components. Programmed presets will allow defined settings to be made; for example, lighting presets could be operated via the Crestron system, or the level of the loudspeakers could be changed at short notice using presets.

The new service center building will be networked campus-wide with the other BR buildings using Riedel’s MediorNet router. A Riedel Bolero intercom system will ensure smooth communication in the future.

Currently, construction phase 1, including the central technical room, has been successfully completed. Construction phase 2 includes the installation of the control room, construction phase 3 the completion of the event hall. The service center is expected to be handed over ready for operation in 2023.