20. December 2021 Mark

Digital intercom system in the WELT television production complex

The news channel WELT broadcasts from the new studio in the new Axel Springer building in Berlin, designed by Rem Koolhaas. MCI designed and supplied the digital intercom system as part of the elaborate new installations.

The planning process for the new studio began three years ago. To cope with an ever faster-changing news environment and new ways of distribution, the goal was to build a studio that would ensure maximum flexibility. With the expansion of WELT news channel’s current affairs coverage, to at least 14 hours of live coverage every weekday, the station provides its viewers with breaking news from around the world almost around the clock.

In order to react quickly in any news situation, the studio was equipped according to this particular requirement. The central element in the real studio is the moderation table made by the Studio Hamburg workshops, where the presenters sometimes spend several hours at a time providing viewers with the latest news. A 30-meter LED cyclorama, supplied and built by the company ETC, which was installed as a studio backdrop, provides flexible content and visual changes to the studio appearance.

To ensure that the communication behind this modern backdrop is also correct and meets the demand for flexibility, a solution from MCI in cooperation with Clear-Com was chosen for the intercom system.

The Clear-Com system type Median is equipped with 384 ports. These are exclusively digital, half as Dante ports and half as IP ports. 64 of the IP ports are connected to the PBX via Clear-Com LQ devices using SIP protocol. With the innovative HSR software Dynam-EC, n-1, IFBs, conferences and the SIP ports are managed and switched online in real time. 64 of the IP ports are connected to the PBX via Clear-Com LQ devices using SIP protocol. Dynam-EC is also used to dial and set up the external lines via the SIP ports and dynamically switch them to the Clear-Com IRIS type call stations depending on the production requirements. This allows different areas of the news studio, which covers a total of 175 square meters, to be interconnected as needed.

With its new building and groundbreaking equipment that can be flexibly and quickly adapted to current news situations, WELT’s new news studio is at the cutting edge of technology. A modern studio, with the latest communication technology for modern reporting.