11. January 2022 Mark

IT Know-how Boost for MCI

As of January 1, 2022, Studio Hamburg IT-Services was integrated into Studio Hamburg MCI GmbH and will in future strengthen MCI’s expertise in the rapidly growing field of IT-based media systems and infrastructures.

With just under 20 employees, Studio Hamburg IT Services is responsible for the trouble-free functioning of the entire IT of the Studio Hamburg Group in Hamburg, Berlin, Lüneburg and Cologne. This includes the operation and administration of the internal data center with more than 100 servers, the expansion of the network infrastructure, the security of the entire systems, the management of the more than 700 notebooks and PCs within the Studio Hamburg Group including 1st, 2ndand 3rd level helpdesk, application and license management, and process management, optimization and digitization.

Dietmar Schuldt, Head of Studio Hamburg IT Services: “By merging with MCI, we are making our services available to a broader range of customers and our experience will equally enable us to support MCI as a service provider for IT-based media systems in the planning, installation, commissioning and support of IT-heavy media and broadcast solutions.”

The increasing demand for topics such as networked productions and working environments, IP infrastructures in the broadcast environment, cloud streaming, unified communication and collaboration solutions as well as the change from SDI to SMPTE infrastructures, have led to a stronger focus on IT skills in connection with media technology services in recent years. With the merger of MCI and Studio Hamburg IT Services, the Studio Hamburg Group is responding to this increased demand.

Max Below, Managing Director Studio Hamburg MCI: “With the increasing demands in the field of IT-based media systems, this merger is a step towards the future of the media industry. With the IT staff’s years of experience in a dynamic environment like the Studio Hamburg Group and the existing, long-tested and established ticket system, we expect strong synergies in IT services and support for our customers and their digital systems.”

The IT know-how boost in MCI’s portfolio sets the course for future challenges in the media environment.

“My team and I are looking forward to the new exciting tasks and joint projects with our colleagues at MCI”,Dietmar Schuldt concludes.