3. June 2022 Mark

New in Berlin: Cloud-based smart radio solution

Großstadtradio is the name of the new radio station from Berlin, which broadcasts on the web at www.grossstadtradio.de and in Berlin and Brandenburg via DAB+. Starting in June 2022, the new station plans to report locally and regionally on issues affecting Berlin and the surrounding region of the Mark. In the music program, Großstadtradio focuses on handmade, current songs from indie rock and pop, guitar pop and unusual pop. MCI planned and implemented a smart radio system solution with automated cloud technology as Radio as a Service (RaaS) for the start-up based on radio.cloud software, including the entire technical infrastructure and studio equipment as well as mobile solutions.

choosing MCI’s offer, we have opted for the greatest possible flexibility and reliability of our station’s technical requirements.”

MCI’s design focused on maximum flexibility in the operation of state-of-the-art components and cost efficiency. A major challenge was the desire for a way to operate the radio station on the move. Conventional studio concepts require a large number of technical components, servers and backups for smooth broadcasting, which are very space-intensive and make location-independent operation difficult or impossible. Therefore, MCI designed a cloud-based broadcast solution.

A moderation station was set up in the studio, from which it is possible to record the contributions in broadcast quality.

Simon Neeten, MCI Solutions Engineer: “Based on the Radio.Cloud software and the concept we docked, we offer Großstadtradio a turnkey radio station that allows any user to easily operate a radio station. A clear challenge was the desired flexible, location-independent operation. The cloud-based radio design is offered by us in its entirety as Radio as a Service (RaaS), which means that MCI is responsible for both the technical equipment and the smooth operation of the broadcast.”

The broadcast schedule is created via the radio.cloud browser application and played through it directly into the cloud-based system. As contributions to the broadcast program, live voice over and contributions can be recorded from the studio or mobile and sent to the cloud. News and advertising, and optionally music, are automatically integrated into the Big City Radio program directly in the cloud via third-party providers.

The broadcast-ready sound files are then transferred to the streaming provider in compliance with EBU standards and broadcast via the second playout path on a DAB+ frequency.

After introductory training and integration of the necessary technology, the station was handed over ready for operation at the end of March and received online for the first time on April 6, 2022 with a music program. The program launch of Großstadtradio with presenter contributions will take place in June.