5. July 2022 Mark

0221 Media produces Red Bull Soundclash

0221 Media produced for the world’s leading live entertainment and eCommerce company Live Nation Brand Partnership and Media GmbH on the evening of May 19th live from the Dortmund Westfalen Halle the Red Bull Soundclash.

Here, Team Badmómzjay as well as Team Bozza delivered one track after the next and performed together with many star guests of their and some other music branches. Kool Savas, Sido and Tokio Hotel were the highlights of the first rounds. In terms of German rap, this was followed by Loredana, Summer Cem, Kitty Kat, Nimo and Farid Bang, while Paula Hartmann and Adel Tawil enriched the evening with quieter sounds.

8,000 fans were able to participate in a German rap event of the extra class on site, while numerous spectators from home were also able to watch live.

0221media was on site with their Ü1 and Ü2 to enable streaming of the event on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube and RedBull TV. For this purpose, the Ü1 was equipped with an additional control room for TikTok in order to be able to run a separate PreShow from here. The Ü2 formed the main control room with a total of 21 cameras involved.

By now no longer just an add-on but part of the entire show were various augmented reality elements that acted as lap dividers or made a supernova in the middle of the hall an absolutely harmless but sensational spectacle. Redecorating the stage with matching neon signs is also no longer a boring intermission time for the audience for a long time. In the stream, all changes were “real” at a click. The fans in the live chat of the stream were enthusiastic without noticing the difference right away.

To give the final product a modern cinematic look, 0221 Media used a setup dominated by ARRI cameras. In conjunction with their systems for wireless transmission technology from the manufacturer Domo Broadcast Systems (DBS), acquired from the service provider Studio Hamburg MCI, a cruisecam and a rope camera were implemented in the almost completely wireless camera plan in addition to classic system cameras. Two steady-cams captured emotional images close to the artists.

A total of 8 DBS systems were in use, allowing for maximum flexibility. DBS is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless communication technologies and has been developing high-performance wireless systems for over 50 years. By using so-called “Field-Programmable Gate Arrays” (FPGA), the products are designed in such a way that they can be quickly and flexibly configured and adapted for use, depending on the requirements.

0221 Media has been using this system for 5 years, not only for wireless links in music productions, but also in racing. Up to 12 onboard cameras are part of Creventic’s 24H Series productions. The technology reaches the viewer with emotional images from the cockpit and insights into the perspective of a racing driver. In addition, the area coverage of this technology is unparalleled.

In the future, DBS will continue to bring maximum efficiency to the technical production processes of the 0221 with its technology. The next opportunity for use is already planned festival productions and numerous car races.