The XMediaDock platform launched by MCI is specifically concerned with the further development of innovative broadcast and ProAV solutions in times of technological change and the focus on increasingly cross-media priorities. It serves as a multidisciplinary competence center whose concentrated focus is not only on cross-media workflows but also on all-in-one solutions, IP infrastructures (on-premise, hybrid, or cloud), streaming, AI, as well as projection, interaction and communication systems. Customer requirements, changing work environments, new workflows, synergies, collaboration, automation, or integration of new technologies increasingly require targeted solution concepts. The XMediaDock is MCI’s answer to these challenges and offers the necessary space to develop suitable solutions for these key topics.

With the support of leading broadcast and IT manufacturers, XMediaDock accompanies the technical developments of the SMPTE/EBU IP roadmap. Already in 2018, the IP Testlab was created to offer a platform for IP-based approaches in the broadcast and ProAV area, as well as future cross-media requirements of broadcasters, within which current developments are validated and new solution approaches are developed. In this context, new questions are constantly arising, which require a flexible, yet in-depth consideration of the new possibilities. The XMedia.Lab examines possible IP solutions for everyday activities in the broadcast and ProAV sector on the basis of use cases.
The XMedia.Lab is the only manufacturer-independent test and innovation hub in Germany for the testing and validation of technical tools in the course of the IP transformation and the defined industry standards.

The detailed report on the XMedia.Lab is available for download here.

Content for corporate TV, Youtube or social media, live or on-demand with high-quality audio/video broadcast over the public Internet.
As part of our solution concepts, we develop custom-fit, economically efficient livestreaming and VoD complete solutions. As a member of the SRT Alliance, we are significantly advancing the progress of low-latency video/audio transmission over the public Internet. Our solutions are as diverse as the application possibilities and always tailored to the requirements and ideas.

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