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We have been designing unique technology solutions for live productions, television and radio for more than 45 years.
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Progressive production solutions

For production companies and broadcasters to keep pace with technological advances, you need a partner at eye level who can develop forward-looking broadcast solutions and integrate them seamlessly into current workflows.
With more than 45 years of experience as a system integrator and service provider, MCI is a trusted partner when it comes to designing, testing and implementing forward-looking system solutions. Through decades of working with broadcasters, production companies and private enterprises, we look back on a wide range of expertise and use this to create broadcast solutions that meet current developments, existing infrastructures and workflows, intuitive usability and individual requirements.



Watching television is still one of the most popular leisure activities. The average TV viewing time per inhabitant/day in Germany is over 200 minutes. To keep it that way, forward-looking broadcasters and production companies are tapping into new audiences through new target formats that pay attention to current viewing habits and changing entertainment consumption. This requires elaborate redesigns of traditional production environments, contemporary broadcast formats and infrastructures that reflect current technological developments. As a full-service provider for IT-based media systems, we create solutions for innovative media companies.


“Video killed the radio star” is not something that can be said with an average of over 180 minutes of daily radio consumption per household. Radio catches the ear and stays in the mind. Today, ever new technical revolutions ensure that a good radio program, just like a professional podcast, no longer requires large studios with adjoining server rooms. IP and cloud capabilities make for a diverse radio market. Radio stations must therefore be operated cost-effectively and flexibly with modern content in order to maintain their market share. MCI offers versatile solutions, from full-featured radio stations to professional podcast studios to cloud-based Radio as a Service (RaaS).



For more than 45 years, we have counted broadcasters, production companies and private enterprises among our customers.

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Live Streaming

Thanks to the Internet and social media, there is no way around user-created content today. Soon 4 billion people will own a smart device that can be used to consume or distribute moving images. Broadcasters and production companies should take advantage of this development to address new audiences and start looking at live streaming via cloud solutions today.
We develop live streaming solutions for professional production environments.


XMedia Dock

Many intermediate steps are required from the initial idea to the finished concept. We have created a space for this. The XMedia Dock is our solution center for sophisticated concepts. Equipped with state-of-the-art broadcast technology and a comprehensive production infrastructure, we test the feasibility of your ideas for specific applications. We develop and plan the integration of SMPTE-2110 into SDI infrastructures, break new ground with cloud solutions for mobile productions and create Broadcast as a Service (BaaS) solutions. Do you have an idea for your production environment that makes others shake their heads? With us, your ideas will find open ears and the right broadcast enthusiasts for implementation.


Before new concepts or workflows can be integrated into the production environment, they must be tested under real conditions to avoid production downtime. In the XMedia Dock, we create real production environments and put ideas and concepts through their paces as a proof of concept, but also question conventional workflows.


For decades, we have partnered with renowned broadcast and media technology manufacturers to create groundbreaking production innovations for progressive media companies. In the XMedia Dock, we use state-of-the-art technology components to develop fundamental production revolutions.


New requirements due to incalculable changes create opportunities to rethink and sustainably design productions. The XMedia Dock, as a production companion, sees itself as a pioneer of new forms of production that make use of advanced IP and cloud technologies to create advanced, efficient and flexible workflows.


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